Wehat the heck is porp?

Good question! Porp is an epic game that does not ruin your life because it is really good. OK so in this game it's basically all about like its a picture of you your name is porp and there is a guy and his name is porp. He's in this big room and there are lot of circles in the rpoom that are brown and you really need to collect them. You can collect them by running into them and the way that you dothat is you press the buttons the keyboard the first one is W or the up arrow that will make you go up and then there is also S or the down arrow which will make you go down and then there is A or the left arrow which will make you go left and finally there is also D or the right arrow which will make you go right. So to summarize there are four buttons you can press, actually there are 8 if you count the arrow keys but they do the same thing so there are eight buttons you can press that can do four different things which are make you move in different directions. OK so you can do that to move around and like I said before you need to run into the brown circles and collect all of them there ar e a lot of them so it might take a while. Once you collect all of the brown circles in the level then you will be in for a big surprise which will be really cool once it happens. So make sure you get all of the brown circles so you can see the surprise it's really cool. If you think you collected all of the brown circles but the big surprise did not happen then make sure you go all around the level and make sure you didnt' miss any because sometomes that happens to me and it's really annoying but then I get it and the big surprise happens and its alll good. Also you'll notice that there is a red circle and also a red square. The red circle doesn't do anything but it is not possible to move outside of the red square which is fine bceauase there are no brown circles outside of the red square so you don't need to go out there anyway. Also I forgot to mention that whenever you collect a brown circle you get slightly bigger which is really cool.

The Triangle Update

On November 4, 2019 "The Triangle Update" came out. This update added a bunch of threatening triangles to the game that are red and spin around slowly, but if they seeyou or you get to close they turn green and become angry at you. Once they are angry at you they will start throwing yellow circles at you which is not a good thing because if the yellow circles then you will scream briefly and spin around once and while you ar espinning you cant move so thats bad becaue a rat might be flying towards you and you wont be able to move out of the way. This update is good bceause it adds another challening twiest to the classic porp experience making it more fun for the entire family.

The Rat Update

On November 6, 2018 "The Rat Update" was released for porp. This update added rats to the game that bounce all around the place and make the game a lot more chalenging. When they hit porp they make porp scream and spin in a circle for several seconds and he is so scared that he drops all of his brown circles and has to pick them up again then he goes all blinky and doesnt get hurt byany other rats for a few more seconds but then he goes bak to normal which means he can get hit by the other rats again. This update is very useful because it means that porp is now in danger at all time, unless you go outside of the red circle because the rats bounce off the edges of the circle so you will be safe if you go outside the circle.

YOu can press the button below to play the game